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Most Internet connections are not secure, yet we share private information on them every day. Protect yourself and your data with SumRando.

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Every day, everywhere, hackers, data brokers, and governments troll the Internet looking to steal and misuse private information from our online activities. It's time to protect ourselves and our data. SumRando's suite of online security products is the only complete solution that allows you to operate online, no matter where you are, with complete privacy and security.

Our Products

SumRando VPN

SumRando VPN

Surf securely and anonymously from absolutely everywhere, avoiding hackers, data brokers and censors.

  • Change server location to your country of choice
  • Browse safely and privately
  • Encrypt all of your Internet traffic (not just your browser)
  • Access the full, uncensored Internet
SumRando Stash

SumRando Stash

Temporarily Store Files Securely and Anonymously.

  • Anonymous upload and download files for file transfer and file sharing
  • Password protected
  • Encrypted with SSL/TLS in Transit
  • Self-Destruct files in 1, 7 or 30 Days
SumRando Messenger

SumRando Messenger

A secure, real-time chat app that encrypts your messaging from your mobile device and desktop.

  • Text in real-time
  • 2 types of encryption to ensure total security
  • No direct link to you: your phone and email are not required!
  • Destroy messages and conversations from your phone and your friend's phone

No Other Service is as Complete, Private, And Secure.

SumRando is located in Mauritius, where Internet privacy is taken seriously and logging of Internet activity isn't required. SumRando's Internet security suite protects your online activity and your day to day communication with SumRando VPN, SumRando Web Proxy, and SumRando Messenger. We own all of our hardware, and when it comes to your account information, we keep the bare minimum to provide the service to you. We use the latest encryption technologies to provide the security and privacy you need without compromising convenience.

At SumRando, when we say anonymous and secure, we mean it.