Sumrando Stash

Temporarily store files -- Securely and Anonymously!

Why SumRando Stash?

SumRando Stash is a unique product that allows you to temporarily store files securely and anonymously for file transfer and file sharing needs. With SumRando Stash, you can avoid mail providers from scanning your attachments, gaining insight into your personal activities. You also avoid fumbling with USB storage devices and avoid compatibility issues with multiple devices.

Uploading a file to SumRando Stash is easy. Simply click the upload icon, select your file, enter your download and management passwords, and set your self-destruct timer.

From there, the file is uploaded via SSL/TLS connection to our secure server, and you are provided with the randomly generated key. This key allows you or anyone you share the key and password with to anonymously download the file. Be sure to remember this key -- SumRando Stash does not store this for you, and without it, you will be unable to download the file.

To retrieve your file, click the download icon and enter your key and password. The file will automatically self-destruct in 1, 7, or 30 days! Currently available for Android and the web

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