Howzit Randos! Please update to the latest version of SumRando VPN Windows and Android to resume access to our VPN servers. Launching the applications will also prompt the update. Please email if you have challenges updating.

SumRando Messenger

So, you're messaging a friend in Berlin. Do you think he's the only one seeing it?

Protect your privacy with secure SumRando Messenger

Encrypt your conversations with end-to-end encryption technology - send text, photos, videos and files securely! With SumRando Messenger you can chat freely with your friends without worry of your ISP or phone provider reading along, helping free you from data misuse and abuse.

Key Features

  • Secure Conversations with end-to-end encryption (256-bit AES GCM Encryption using 521-bit ECDH keys generated on the device)
  • Limited Registration - Create a username and password. No other information required
  • Send texts, photos, videos, and files
  • Destroy messages and conversations from your account and the recipient's account
  • Group Chat and Self-Destruct Timer Features

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