SumRando Messenger

So, you're messaging a friend in Berlin. Do you think he's the only one seeing it?

Why SumRando Messenger?

Most messenger applications do not have advanced encryption and privacy features, making your digital messages open to eavesdropping, surveillance, and hacking at virtually any time. SumRando now offers SumRando Messenger for Android and SumRando Messenger for Web to keep your conversations secure.

SumRando Messenger for Android and Web allow you to send messages over TLS/SSL, keeping your messages secure from here to there. Both platforms allow you to have complete control of the conversation, allowing you to destroy messages and conversations from both the sender and the recipient’s account.

For added security, SumRando Messenger for Android supports “Secure Conversations," a feature utilizing end-to-end encryption technology. Using end-to-end encryption means meaning no third party - ISPs, mobile providers, governments, hackers or even SumRando - can read your conversations.

SumRando Messenger allows you to take complete control of your digital messaging privacy.

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Real-Time, Encrypted Chatting—Just a Quick Download Away

SumRando Messenger is a secure, real-time chat app that encrypts your digital messaging from your mobile device. With SumRando Messenger you can chat freely with your friends without worry of your ISP, phone provider or government reading along.

SumRando Messenger Secures Your Messaging and Makes it Private

With Secure Conversations in SumRando Messenger, communication between friends is secure and private with the use of End-to-End Encryption technology, meaning no third party can access and read your messages.

Destroy Your Messaging Activity at Will—From Every Possible Source

SumRando Messenger’s "destroy" feature deletes your entire conversation from both sides as well as from our server, meaning that at any given moment you can protect your privacy completely.

Currently, SumRando
Messenger Features:

  • End-to-End public key encryption technology with key exporting available *
  • Multi-device access
  • No linking to phone number or email required, keeping your personal data secure
  • Control who can and cannot message you
  • Utilize through your VPN account credentials (if desired)
  • Destroy messages and conversations from your phone and recipients phone (no regrets)
  • MMS and file transfer capabilities
  • Self-Destruct message timer capability *
  • Group Messaging *
  • No SMS service required - works over data connection
*Currently supported on Android only. Additional features coming soon to SumRando Messenger for Web!